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Welcome to Herc Holdings Inc!

We are a newly independent and publicly traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange under “HRI.” Founded in 1965 as a part of Hertz Global Holdings, Inc., we previously were known as Hertz Equipment Rental Corporation or “HERC.”  We now operate in the U.S. under our new brand, Herc Rentals.  We generated revenue of $1.6 billion in 2016 and offer customers a diversified fleet of equipment valued at $3.6 billion1. We serve customers through 270 company-owned locations, primarily in North America, and have approximately 4,800 employees.

Through the years, we have been widely recognized as a pioneer and leader in the equipment rental industry, setting the standard for service and creating the performance metrics that are now commonplace for rental equipment companies.

With a new leadership team in place and a savvy, experienced and invigorated “Team Herc” sales and branch organization – we are excited as we move into this new corporate chapter. Our new brand and new name signifies a new mission – to be the supplier of choice, the employer of choice, and the investment of choice in our industry. We invite you to learn more about us!

Larry Silber
President and Chief Executive Officer


1  Original equipment cost calculated using American Rental Association guidelines.
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